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Ungoogling myself – Step by step.

  • Iron or at least Chromium instead of Chrome – or Firefox.
  • CyanogenMod without GApps but with F-Droid instead of any Bloatware-Android delivered by default.
    Even without the Play store there’s always tools that allow downloading stuff from Play.
  • Use search providers like Duckduckgo instead of Google.
  • Use OpenStreetMap instead of Maps. Even finding routes for travelling is possible although one does have to manually check the result twice because there might be errornous street data entered by OSM users — if so, just go and correct them on your very own. 😛

This is what I did for just getting rid of most Google services, mainly just because I can. There’s obviously still not a hundred percent privacy established but I just want to experience what it’s like not to drain my entire life into Google’s interwebz 🙂