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Loudness and mindless mastering ruins today’s music

loudnessIt hasn’t been that so long time ago when I first noticed that some weird crackling noises were coming out of my headphones.
Surprisingly it weren’t the phones itself but rather the music which is just awfully mastered – just for convenient listening ‚experience’/“they won’t notice it anyway“. Just have a look at the sound curves and those little red rectangles drawn next to the ‚L’/’R‘ letters:
They indicate that the sound was made louder than 0.0 db – which is the maximum threshold for sound that can be played. But now the artist (probably) ignored this given limitation and did neither silence nor compress his raw samples so it might fit into the range of ~-60 to 0.0 db.

How should it look like?
less-loudnessDespite it’s still reaching the 0.0 db threshold occassionally, the curve and thus the music is generally less loudened – so you immediately won’t get those crackling artifacts when trying to enjoy the music!